Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Spring! Lots of updates!!

Well hello everyone!!!  I am finally getting a second to sit down and blog! When I say I have been busy lately, I mean it has been NON-STOP!! BUT, I love it :)

Soo I recently had a photoshoot with a great photographer, Todd Ward.  He was so nice and we had a blast! The photos turned out great!

The weekend after that, I spent my Friday night judging the Mr. Marlborough High School Pageant and I would have to say it was definitely the funniest appearance yet.  The boys were really creative and I would have to say the two other judges and I picked a deserving winner!  It was really nice to be on the other side of the things, instead of competing I was the one judging!! 

The following night, I attended the Best Buddies Formal.  This would have to be my favorite appearance yet.

The Best Buddies Foundation is the one I am most passionate about.  It aids those with intellectual disabilities with their social skills, to find jobs, and to create one on one relationships with those who volunteer for the foundation.  Having a brother who has struggled with mental disabilities gives me the ability to relate and understand the "buddies" of the foundation.

The night was so perfect.  Everyone was dressed up and all the kids were sooo excited when I arrived in my crown and sash.  The night consisted of lots of pictures, autograph card signings, and dancing!  I loved meeting all the unique and JOYFUL people. 
^^^ This is one of my buddies James!

I honestly feel so incredibly honored to have been invited to such an awesome event with incredible individuals.

Next, this past Friday, something VERY exciting happened! I started my "Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Miss Massachusetts Teen USA" program!  I presented my first nutrition and fitness seminar at the very elementary school I attended!

The kids were so interactive and excited that I was there and participating in their gym class!

Nutrition and Fitness is my passion and I am so elated that I am able to share my knowledge with children and motivate them to live a healthy lifestyle!

SO, it doesn't end there!! Saturday I attended a home and business expo and I wore a gorgeous Jovani gown from Glitterati in Danvers! I met soo many cute kids and signed tons of autograph cards!!

Okay last thing!!! The next morning (Sunday) I was up at 4am to catch a 6am flight to Philly!! Tess Johnson (amazing person and photographer) picked me up at the airport and we were off to her new home to shoot!! And great news: we got my headshot for Miss Teen USA!! YAAYYYYY!! I had such a blast staying at Tess's house and playing with her son and doggy!

Tess is an amazing and talented person.  I am so blessed to have her in my life.  I am so blessed to have such an incredible group of caring and loving people surrounding me.  Life is good. :)

That is in for now! Thanks for reading everyone!! Be happy and enjoy life always!!!

Xo Maddy

P.S.  Just a little more than 4 months until Miss Teen USA! AHHHH SO EXCITED!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Looking forward to Miss Teen USA!

Hi everyone! Happy March...I still can't believe it is already March and I have had my title for almost 4 months!! These past 4 months have been very busy, but it has also been the best time of my life!

So big news....I HAVE MY GOWN FOR MISS TEEN USA!! A few weeks ago, I traveled to New York City to meet with my favorite designer: Sherri Hill! I was able to design my dream gown with her and it is all thanks to my amazing sponsor The Crowning Touch Inc.  I don't actually have my gown yet but I have the sketch and it is in the making! I absolutely can NOT wait to see the final product!!!

This past weekend, I traveled to Virginia with my Miss, Sarah where we attended the Standout retreat.  I had such a great time horseback riding, climbing outdoor obstacle courses, and most of all meeting some of the other titleholders! It was so great to get to know the other girls that I will be in the Bahamas with, they were all so awesome!  While at the retreat, we were surprised with a special guest, Logan West (the reigning Miss Teen USA).  Logan is truly such a sweet heart and very down to Earth.  It was so great to hear all about her year thus far ...she is soo busy!!
                                                            ^^^ Miss Teen USA and I

By the way everyone...if you have yet to hear...they announced the date for Miss Teen USA!! Miss Teen USA will be held at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas on August 9th & 10th.  If anyone is interested in coming to cheer me on, there is a special discount for friends and family on the resort's website. ;)

Since I last updated you on my reign I have had some great appearances.  One of them being a professional and children's dance competition.  First off, the professionals were AMAZING (I guess thats why they call them professionals) and the children were very cute.  BUT, not only were they cute, they shocked me with what they could do on the dance floor! They could really move it!! It was so great to see such young athletes who were clearly very dedicated to their sport.  I can not stress how important it is for everyone to excercise 5-6 times  a week!  Find a sport or activity you love and JUST DO IT!!!

Other than all those exciting events, there have been some other great appearances and more to come! I have a photoshoot with an amazing photographer, Todd Ward this Saturday and another shoot with Tess Johnson towards the end of March...wish me luck because I have to get a photo for my headshot for Miss Teen USA (getting super excited as I type actually)! I also have a whole bunch of appearances and hosting events coming up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!!

That will do it for this post everyone! Thank you so much for reading.  I promise to blog again very soon since I will have a lot to catch you up on!

Xo Madyson

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy January!

Happy January everyone! So sorry I have not blogged in a while, I have have been a busy lady!! The good news is I have lots to catch you up on!

So rewinding back to the beginning of December...Sarah and I attended the "Feed the Hungry" Gala.  Seeing how hard "Interfaith Social Services" works for people in need was heartwarming and I was honored to have been a guest that night! Not to mention they had an awesome photo booth with props to take pictures with....Sarah and I enjoyed that just a bit.....

Next, I was privileged enough to shoot with the ever so talented Tess Johnson! I had such a blast shooting in gorgeous gowns and cocktail dresses from Glitterati Prom & Pageant Store in Salem, and they just opened in Danvers!!  I will cherish those photos forever because they are definitely my favorite ones yet!

Right before Christmas Sarah and I attended the "Globe Santa" Event at Copley Plaza in Boston.  We greeted people with Santa Clause and Martha Coakley!! It was such a great event and we met some awesome people!

As usual, Christmas was amazing! My parents have always made Christmas a special time of the year through all of the beautiful decorations, hosting family parties, making sure there is always a fire on in the fire place and being extra loving.  I am so beyond blessed to have such an exceptional, loving and supportive family.

The New Year has begun and I am excited beyond belief to see what 2013 has in store for me!! I have already filmed segments with Derek Zagami for the Derek Z show (you can subscribe to his channel on Youtube and look at the awesome films we have already done)!  I had such a blast filming and practicing the career I hope to pursue! Keep looking out for the videos because Derek and I have some awesome shows coming up!

So January is an extra special month for me...because it is my birthday month!! I am so excited to turn 18 because I have been waiting to do something special....I am going to become a certified spin instructor and a fitness trainer!!!! Ahhhh I can't wait!  Nutrition and fitness have become one of my passions and I would love nothing more but than to share my knowledge and help others with something that is so important in life.  Please never forget how important it is to take care of your body.  Taking care of your body means exercising (which can be any physical activity you enjoy) 4-6 days a week and eating all the right food (natural foods, stay away from anything processed!! Stick with fruits,veggies, nuts, protein, etc.).  NEVER forget, a healthy body is a beautiful body. You do not need to look like a Victoria Secret Model to be beautiful because most of us were not built that way and that is just fine because we were blessed with these beautiful bodies and taking care of them is most important.  I have decided to live a healthy lifestyle, not jsut diet once in a while, not starve myself, not take diet pills, but live healthy, happy and fit...who is with me? :)

That is going to do it for this blog everyone! Thank you for reading and I promise to update you on my amazing journey soon!

Xo Maddy

Monday, December 3, 2012


Hi everyone!! I have a lot to catch you up on since I last blogged and I have plenty of pictures! Ready?! Okay good cause here it goes....

So, remember how I told you I found my first appearance dress at Glitterati in Salem? Well everyone loved it and I loved wearing it!  I wore it Sunday morning to church where I spoke about how God has guided me through this whole amazing journey (Mama Milordi said the dress sparkled great on stage, along with my sash and crown).  It was amazing to see how proud everyone at church was of me!

Later that evening, I went to Miss New Hampshire USA.  It felt nice to sit and watch the pageant rather than compete for once! Lol.  There was some major competition and the judges did an great job picking two very deserving winners.  So happy for them!! I had a blast sitting with my trainer and sponsor, Katie Boyd, my "big" Sarah Kidd, close friends Sola Okenla and Nicole DiBlasi!  I also got to see a former Miss Massachusetts USA, Lacey Wilson, who is always a pleasure. 

On Thursday, Sarah (Miss MA USA) and I, went to the "Stuff-the-Truck" event for the Home For Little Wanders.  We had such a great time accepting the gifts and meeting everyone! Everyone was so generous and I am sure the kids will be thrilled with all of those amazing gifts!!

Saturday was December 1st and you know what that means!! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!! Just so everyone knows...I loveeeeee Christmas!  So that being said, you can all imagine how excited I was to be in a Christmas parade in Uxbridge with Sarah.  Fortunately, Sarah shares the same obsession with Christmas as I do, so we had a blast.  It was super cold, but nothing a little hot chocolate couldn't fix!

My favorite part of the parade would have to be hearing the little kids say "OMG! THEY ARE REAL LIFE PRINCESSES" as Sarah and I passed by! So cute!! Oh and there was this little boy....about 9 years old, he said, "What. Are. You. Doing. After. The. Parade?", lol, kids these days!! And one more thing you need to know about me...I AM OBSESSED WITH DOGGIES!! At the parade Sarah and I fell in love with the most beautiful Golden Retriever, AND to top it all off he was in a Santa outfit...can you say PERFECT?

I was also able to get some use out of my favorite custom earrings by April Soderstrom! They were made for my evening gown when I competed but I love them so much, I thought why not wear them with my white coat and add some Christmas sparkle to my outfit!? ;)

I had a blast and I am sooooo excited to make gingerbread houses with the Home for Little Wanders orphans tomorrow! Thanks for reading everyone!! 

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!! Xo
                                                           ^^^ My precious doggy!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Achieving My Dream

Welcome to my blog everyone!  My name is Madyson Milordi and I am your new Miss Massachusetts Teen USA!! It is so funny to think that after dreaming for years about winning the title, I can actually say that I have it!  This week has been a whirlwind to say the least!  My family and I have been overjoyed since I won my title and the fun has already begun!!

This past Tuesday, I signed my official contract with the Clemente Productions Inc.  After the meeting, my new "pageant family" and I headed over to Creative Sparks Imagery's studio for a photoshoot for my official headshot!  I had so much fun with my new sister queen, Sarah Kidd, my amazing hair stylist, Neil Gannon who made me feel gorgeous with his hair and makeup application skills, my wonderful directors, as well as Jim and Lisa Engelbrecht whose amazing photography captured my excitement for my new title perfectly! 

On Wednesday I had Pep-Rally at school and my school announced that I had gained the title, which was very exciting!  Thursday, I had my first appearance, and there is no where else I would have rather had it other than my hometown's annual Thanksgiving Day Football Game!  After being announced during half time, people of my town congratulated me.  I was overwhelmed by their amazing support.

Friday, the fun continued at Glitterati Prom & Pageant Superstore in Salem, MA.  The staff members were very accommodating AND I found my first appearance dress!! A gorgeous Sherri Hill (pictures to come)!!

I honestly can not thank each and every sponsor, supporter, and family member enough who has helped throughout my journey.  I am BEYOND honored and ecstatic to have been awarded with the title of Miss Massachusetts Teen USA.  I am so excited for the year ahead of me and I will do my very best to make Massachusetts proud!

Xo Madyson